Mara Brown does Life Coaching for Dogs (and people) to help you to communicate with and understand your dog better, creating balance and harmony in your home, and a better and happier relationship with your dog. Mara works with you to clearly understand what your dog is trying to tell you, and communicate your dog’s needs, fears and wants to you. She will also teach you strategies, tools and techniques to use to get desired behavior from your dog and clear up their undesirable habits. You will also learn a lot about yourself in the process, creating a richer, more joyful life for you and your furry best friend.

Mara has been a successful Life and Executive Coach (see http://marabrown.com) for over a decade, and often as an adjunct to coaching her clients, because of her knowledge and experience with animals, she was asked for help with her client’s dogs. Her clients kept asking her to Life Coach them AND their dogs, so Mara opened a new aspect of her business dedicated solely to helping dogs and their people understand each other better to live happier lives together.

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Adopted dogs can be anxious, aggressive, fearful, and shy. These pets have difficulty adjusting to their new environment and owner. Mara has worked with these dogs and brought them out of their shell and corrected their bad behavior so they can be well-adjusted, affectionate, and happy pets.


Excessive barking, biting, chewing, humping, not walking well on a leash, problems with potty training, phobias, and not listening to you, can strain even the best of relationships. Mara can correct unwanted behavior and turn your frustration into harmony and happiness.


Your new dog doesn’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so it is important to introduce your new dog to your current pets, your children and anyone else in your home in a way that paves the way for harmonious relationships for everyone. Mara can help your dog put its best paw forward.




A Life Coaching client of Mara’s (Sharon), adopted a dog from a rescue organization that had warned her that this dog was damaged and was extremely shy and would NEVER be a normal, happy dog. However, when her cat was the one that chose this dog, Sharon felt in her heart that this was the dog for her but was at a loss as to how to help this fearful and shy dog. Mara worked with the dog and Sharon and within a relatively short period of time the dog came out of its shell and eventually with regular and continual work the dog is an incredibly happy, affectionate, outgoing and well adjusted dog.

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Sharon Sandow - Los Angeles


Mara was contacted by a woman (Shari) who had 2 dogs. Her older dog had recently passed away and she was grieving and felt she couldn’t handle the “out of control” behavior of the younger dog. She also complained that the younger dog had a phobia about crossing the street. She was thinking about giving the younger dog away. Mara offered to take that dog if she couldn’t fix the situation to her client’s satisfaction. After working with the dog and Shari, Mara was able to clear the dog’s phobia of crossing the street and clear up misunderstandings that were causing what was being perceived as “out of control” behavior. After they understood each other better and Shari was able to understand her dog’s needs, fears, and desires, the “out of control” behavior cleared up and the dog became a very well adjusted, loving, and well-behaved dog. Shari was so grateful and couldn’t believe that she had even considered giving up on this amazing dog.

Shari Newman - Newport Beach


I wanted to share a heartfelt recommendation for Mara Brown, the well-renowned Life Coach for Dogs (and Their Humans).  Having known a couple of her clients and the differences she made in their lives as well as their pets' lives I was already impressed by her. When my senior dog fell ill, my neighbor suggested her because she "speaks dog" and is a known healer. Though my dog was diagnosed with heart disease and had limited time, my biggest concern was knowing if he was suffering and when the time would be right. As he went downhill, I decided to reach out to Mara.  Not only did she come to our aid bringing my dog back from lethargynot eating or being active to the dog he was prior full of spunk, swagger and puppy like energy, she also communicated between us and shared important info I needed from him to better equip me to handle his final stages. Words cannot express the difference she made in his last month alive. She was able to share our feelings and give me peace in every step of one of the hardest times we face as pet owners. She was helpful in giving him the well being he needed so that we could share some bucket list goals and make the absolute most of his final days. Also, she shared various techniques that lessened his suffering and even stopped his seizures immediately which was remarkable. She was able to communicate our goodbyes and gratitude which was so powerful and important to us and allowed me to grieve peacefully without doubts or regrets having known exactly how he felt and when the time was right.  In addition to these gifts, I think the biggest gift was how she did not just work hands-on with my dog but also coached ME to be able to understand how my behaviors and actions played a role and what personal changes I needed to make to better his situation. I cannot imagine having gone through that last month without her.  Having the extra quality time, the knowledge, and the communication made the hard life choice much easier and peaceful for both of us and I will forever be grateful for the miracles she gave us. So if you have a new pup, a rescue, are facing behavioral problems, or are dealing with end of life like I was - I cannot recommend her enough!

Suz and Flash Susan Monti with Flash - Beverly Hills

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“Mara Brown speaks from her own experience and with a generous heart. Take comfort in her insights, and don’t miss this opportunity to profit from proven strategies she’s used to triumph."


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“Her wisdom, insight, motivation and help is wonderful, inspiring and uplifting while at the same time being very practical and down to earth.”


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"Mara Brown is a brilliant Life Coach. She is very intuitive, empathetic, supportive & powerful. She truly produces outstanding life-changing results. I strongly suggest that you hire Mara."



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