Get your Dog to Behave While you Work From Home during COVID-19

How To Get Your Dog To Behave While you
Work from Home During COVID-19
Hello to my doggy pack. I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, sane and healthy!
As we continue to “stay at home” we are starting to go a little bonkers! Creativity is abounding! Some of the things on the internet that people have done out of sheer boredom are AMAZING!
One of the many new things we are now doing are all the meetings/social events etc. we are doing virtually. If you are having your important business meeting on Zoom and your dog won’t stop barking, or running around or playing with his LOUD squeaky toy, what do you do?
Here are 3 tips to avoid doggy embarrasement while on your next virtual meeting:
1.   Plan ahead and be sure to exercise your dog before your meeting. A tired dog is a quiet dog. And you can exercise his body and mind. Go for a brisk walk/run and then do some training. Your dog will be stimulated and happy.
2.   Have a doggy bed by your home office (or the place you have your computer and are doing your virtual meetings from) that is close to you but out of camera range, and teach your dog that the bed is his place to go when you have your virtual meetings. You can easily teach a “go to your place” command by using your dog’s favorite treats to lure him/her there. You can use a leash in the beginning, to help guide your dog to its bed, but most dogs catch on really quickly and easily. Say “Go to your place” while you point to the doggy bed. You can guide your dog with a leash, or your dog may go there by himself. As soon as she has all 4 paws on the bed you give the treat. Repeat. Easy peasy.
3.   Have your dog’s favorite long chewing bone handy and give that to your canine pal a few minutes before your meeting starts. By the time everyone is on line, your furry friend will be happy and quiet, while staying in his new favorite place.
Your dog will likely LOVE having you (and your family) home ALL the time. Like a dream come true…right? Well, as much as your dog will be thrilled to have you home all the time, it is a change in their routine and that can be stressful. And if you are bored, it is likely that your dog will start to feel bored too. So, what can you do to combat your dog’s boredom?
Here are 7 tips to alleviate your dog’s boredom:
1.   When you take your dog on a walk, go on different streets. Don’t always walk along the same streets for the same amount of time. Vary it up. You will both enjoy new sights and smells (ok, maybe your dog will enjoy the new smells more), and the variation will be stimulating. You will be surprised at the interesting things you will discover about your neighborhood when you are experiencing it in a new way. Don’t be on your phone. Be present with your pooch. Make each walk an adventure!
2.   Teach your dog new tricks. It is always good to stimulate their minds. And yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.
3.   Rotate your dog’s toys. They will appreciate the variety.
4.   Create an “agility course” around your home. It will be fun and great exercise for you and your pup!
5.   If you like messes, teach your dog to paint. Use dog friendly water paints and dip his paw in the paint and see what he does on some white paper on the floor. Remember, only do this one if you like messes.
6.   Take your dog for a drive, open the windows and let her really enjoy the unique scents and scenery as they fly by.
7.   Play hide and seek. Hide a treat (or one of your children) in an easy to find place. Then tell your dog to “Go Find the Treat” or “Go find Joey”. When your dog is successful, celebrate and give them a special treat. Then make the hiding spots a little harder. It will be fun for everyone.
I hope you find these tips helpful. And as always, I wish you and your furry family members much love, health and happiness! And remember each day to find something to be grateful for, and someone to be kind to.
I truly hope this blog helps you. It is my deepest desire to be of service to you and your loved ones during this pandemic. I would love to hear from you about your situation, and any issues you may be having staying at home with your dog.
I send you my love and blessings. Stay safe, healthy and
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       Wishing you, your family and your furry family members
good health and much love. xo Mara
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